Management Assistant (Current)


Producing Commercial Theatre [well] demands a high level of discernment, perseverance and spunk. Combine that with the detail-oriented, hyper-attentive characteristics of General Management in Theatre, and you have Joey Parnes Productions. 

As a Management Assistant, I oversee Joey's schedule and manage the front desk. It's a lively office—I work with talented, driven colleagues to make the producers' schedules flow so that they can spend time on what matters most. 

Every now and then a printer stops working or a laptop freezes, and that's when I put my college days tech-help-desk skills to the test. I also enjoy designing last-minute print materials for our different shows—anything from flyers, to program advertising space, to "thank you" cards, to wifi credentials signs. 

Housing and Transportation


Working at the Glimmerglass Festival required my skills in organization, flexibility and rapid problem-solving. As an intern, I was responsible for coordinating the daily schedule for company members' travel to and from rehearsal spaces as well as to their temporary housing.

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There were three H&T interns in total, and we each traveled anywhere from 20-140 miles per day. When not in-transit, my duties included answering the office phone, checking-in arriving company members and making sure that all owned and leased properties were in excellent condition for arriving guests.


Digital Media Manager


When working in an arts management office, it is easy to focus only on the result—successful live performance and good house counts— and not the process. This may not be too detrimental in an office that has permanent personnel doing the same tasks every season, but this is rarely the case is high-turnover arts management offices. 

I used what I learned from Knowledge Management and Organizational Behavior classes to develop more standardized processes for creating things like our main stage production programs, production-specific promotional emails and direct mail postcards to advertise our season. My goal was to easily pass on a system to the new personnel, which changed every semester. 

The importance of digital file organization, process files and saving techniques were just some of the mindsets I worked to convey to the semester Publicists, Designers, and Marketing Assistants.